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By: Buy It Smart   |   06 Apr 2020
Buy it Smart - Buying a car 100% Online

From clothing to furniture to groceries, you can buy just about everything online. Now, with Buy It Smart Automotive, you can add ‘buying a car’ to the list of purchases that you can make 100% online! Buy It Smart is one of the only businesses in Atlantic Canada that is making it possible for people to shop for and purchase a vehicle from the comfort of their own home. How are our Agents making this groundbreaking service a reality for so many folks across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick? Let’s take a look at how the Buy It Smart 100% online car-buying process works!

Chat, Shop, Buy, Drive - Without Ever Leaving Your Home!

It might sound too good to be true, but hundreds of Canadians across the East Coast have already experienced the Buy It Smart difference and purchased their vehicles completely online. So is it really possible to simply walk out of your door to find your new car waiting in your driveway? It is with Buy It Smart! Here’s how it works:


  1. You’ll work with a highly trained Buy It Smart Agent to get the ball rolling. Our Agents are different from most traditional car dealerships in that they don’t work for any specific banks or vehicle brands - they work for you. They ask questions about your needs and budget, and work hard to find the best financing rates and quality used vehicles for your lifestyle. Working with an agent will forever change the way you experience buying a car, and these steps can all be done online or over the phone.

  2. We’ll source and present you with a selection of dependable and affordable used cars so that you can start shopping for the perfect set of wheels. We keep your maximum monthly budget as our top priority to help make sure that you never get stuck with a car payment you can’t afford, and we stand behind the quality of every used vehicle that we offer.

  3. Once you’ve selected a vehicle that you love, we’ll get busy drawing up the paperwork and have the car delivered to your front door. That’s right, our team is busy delivering vehicles to folks across Nova Scotia and New Brunswick every day. We’ll make it easy for you to sign the paperwork, and leave the keys in the glovebox or mailbox before we leave. With our 100% online car-buying experience, you won’t have to leave your home until you’re ready to take your new ride for a spin. It’s that simple.

Buying a car online

We Specialize in Getting You Approved for a Car Loan

If concerns over your credit score have been a barrier to buying a much-needed new vehicle in the past, then don’t worry - you’re in good hands with a Buy It Smart Agent. We act like a mortgage broker, but for cars, and can shop all financial institutions until we find you the best terms and rates for your financial situation. As you start making payments, we’ll help monitor your credit score and advise you of when it’s time to consider trading in your current vehicle for a better car and a better rate. Whether you have no credit, poor credit or good credit, our Agents are here to help get you approved for the best car loan possible.

Are you ready to join the hundreds of Atlantic Canadians who have already experienced the Buy It Smart difference and take advantage of Buy It Smart’s 100% online car-buying experience for yourself? Simply give us a call or reach out online to get started. We can’t wait to show you how simple it is to buy your next vehicle online!

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