Change How You Buy a Car (Pivot!)

By: Buy It Smart   |   25 Feb 2020
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The phrase “buying a new car” still tends to conjure up two distinct images: the “quick-talkin’ car salesman” dealership with row upon row of overpriced, yet tempting, shiny new vehicles; and the “bought it from the guy down the road” private sale, where you drive away feeling like you got a steal only to break down on the side of the road the following week. With the need for a reliable set of wheels more important than ever, Buy It Smart has set out to shake up the car-buying experience and offer Atlantic Canadians a new way to shop.

When Buy It Smart Automotive was created, our team all agreed on one thing: the car-buying experience was desperately in need of a pivot! That’s why our unique process is straightforward, simplified and based on your specific needs and budget. We are not here to lure you with shiny things that you can’t afford, set unrealistic expectations that end in disappointment or send you home in an unreliable set of wheels. By essentially working backwards from the way traditional dealerships do business, Buy It Smart has been able to change the way folks across Atlantic Canada buy a car. Let’s take a look at the Buy It Smart difference!

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Traditional Car-Buying Experience The Buy It Smart Pivot
Dealerships have you fall in love with a car first; it might not be the right vehicle for you, or it might be out of your price range. Our agents learn about your lifestyle and financing needs first; then we find vehicles that fit within all parameters.
You are sold on a monthly payment plan for a vehicle, but after all taxes and fees are accounted for that monthly payment jumps by hundreds of dollars. We create a maximum budget from the get-go, and ensure that any vehicle we help you select will stay within that budget. No hidden fees or price increases, period.
You think you are getting a great deal on a used car, but end up plagued with an unreliable ride and unaffordable repair bills. Buy It Smart will never sell you somebody else’s problem. We thoroughly inspect and vouch for every used car we sell.
A salesperson gets you excited about the prospect of a new car, only to announce that you won’t receive financing due to your credit history or that you only qualify for a high-interest lease that you can’t afford. Since we work for you, and not the banks, we can shop financing options from multiple financial institutions, no matter what your credit concerns. Just like a mortgage broker, we find a rate and terms that you can afford.




Buy It Smart Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Through transparency and honesty, Buy It Smart has disrupted the automotive industry and helped thousands of folks from Lower Sackville, Halifax and across Nova Scotia get behind the wheel of an affordable used vehicle that they love. Instead of taking you, and your wallet, for a ride, Buy It Smart puts you back in the driver’s seat of the car-buying process. You’ll drive away knowing that you got the best vehicle possible for your needs and budget. If you are ready to join our mission to pivot the way people shop for cars and experience the Buy It Smart difference, then give us a call to speak with one of our knowledgeable agents today!

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