Partner with a Buy It Smart agent.

Since we're not a dealership, and don't work for the banks, our agents are able to provide a personalized car shopping experience that keeps you in control the entire time.


Transparency isn't a hollow promise.

It's something we demonstrate and you judge. As your agent, we're able to help you find a vehicle that fits in your budget. That means you won't be paying a penny more each month than the number you give us.

We aren't car sales people.

Think of us like mortgage brokers, but for vehicles. Our team of agents don't work for car dealerships or banks. That's how we're able to shop the market for the best finance rates, and vehicles that fit within them.

The way car buying should have been all along.

The traditional way of buying cars at dealerships is broken. A $350/mo budget should never turn into a $470/mo payment! When you work with a Buy It Smart agent, your budget is our maximum. That means you'll never have to worry about hidden or extra fees each month.

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"The service at Buy It Smart was by far the best!"

" They answered all of my questions and took the time to make sure I was comfortable with my purchase. They have also checked in a few times to make sure things were going well. They have an amazing team that is top notch and I would advise anyone to buy their vehicles through them!" 



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